I would love to spend the night with her :)

I mean who wouldn’t LOL?! When not just talking about any girl that has sex and makes a living out of it, were talking about Famous Pornstar Priya Rai. It’s a bit like saying I would love to go out on a date with Miley Cyrus, who wouldn’t, she’s famous, she’s pretty, and friends have reported that she’s also naughty in private LOL. But if I had to choose between a famous singer or a famous pornstar, that both look incredibly good, I’m going with the pornstar. The reason why is because I know for sure that she is really good when it comes down to sex, so when I stick my Dick in her, I know it’s going to be the fuck of my life. She’s great to look at, she’s great to hang out with, everybody would be jealous of me, but at no risk I know she’s going to be exceptional in bed.

Why did I say all this? I really don’t know LOL I just wanted to say it, because this is somebody I would really like to take out on a date, the sum of the art like to spend the whole weekend with, and I can tell you that I’m right and that it will be a score, because I have actually sat down for an hour at a bar at the AVN adult entertainment show in Las Vegas two years ago with her and I can tell you right now that she is an amazing character and not just a good solid fuck!


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Measurements: 34D-24-34
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 37 years OLD
Date of Birth: December 25, 1977
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: New Dehli, India
Ethnicity: East-Indian
Race: Indian

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Aliases: Priya Anjeli Rai, Priya Anjali Rai
Started in 2007 at approx 30 years old

To get a clear idea on why I’m saying all this, check out this Priya Rai LIVE link and you will see exactly why I would take her out on a weekend date and do the most naughtiest things to her LOL. That link will show you the past recordings of her live performances on a website called CherryPimps.com these are in real time porn videos, there is no editing made to them this is solid sex happening right then right there.

If you want a hot Latina, you got one right here!

This is what you get when you ask for the hottest Latina that is also one of the most popular Live Pornstars inactivity at this moment if not the most popular South American adult model present on the Internet today.

I’m not sure if many of you or any of you at all that have landed on this blog and that are reading this post, have actually seen this woman in action, when I stay in action I mean doing what she does best and that would be porn. If the case is no then I firmly suggest that you go to one of the famous and well known porn tubes, I can name you want for example “Spugle.com” and search for her name and see how many of her incredible videos come out, see what she’s capable of doing and if you do like that then I have something else for you.

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Of course depending on if you like or not, I myself know for a fact that you will love her, you can then move on and check her and another thousand Hot Pornstars on the network that I just linked in this blog post, something you could and I know you will enjoy.

Priya Rai Exclusively For Brazzers

Petite New Dehli dream babe, Priya Anjali Rai, is one of the hottest pornstars known to man. That’s why we have this site. We can’t get enough of her and know that you can’t either. Have you ever seen another Indian woman gobble up big cock quite like Priya can? We doubt it! Brazzers saw the magic and got her into their studios. They seized the opportunity to allow Priya to really unleash that inner tigress while the filmed it. Their site is jam packed with explicit hardcore content of the biggest pornstars out there and Priya has of course claimed her space within. There are dozens of scenes of the big tits babe acting out your fantasies and they can only be seen there. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Brazzers now!


Priya Rai Has Slutty Sex For Science

East Indian Pornstar, Priya Rai, takes on the role of sexy scientist for this explicit set from Brazzers.Wearing a lab coat and glasses, she is hard at work trying to isolate the slut gene, so that she can remove it from the wanton women of the world. She steps into her transformation chamber to test it out on herself, but her assistant screws up the process and Priya comes out ready to fuck! With her slut gene fully activated, she strips naked and puts her employee’s cock to use. She sucks his dick and orders him to fuck her brown pussy extra fierce and hard.


Pornstar Priya Rai’s new profile on Cherrypimps.com

This gorgeous adult model born in New Delhi India, but moved to the United States when she was pretty young so I have been told is now an icon of her people, it’s a matter of fact that when Priya Rai Live Porn Videos of being streamed there are tens of thousands of Indian watchers and members logged on to the website to see her incredible show. And along with that few hundred thousand other around the world. So like they have over at CherryPimps.com for all top adult models they have created for each and every one of them a personal profile she also has one and it is brand-new it is full of information at the same time you are also dozens of digital photographs and high definition videos off her previous live porn shows.


I wasn’t skeptical at all when she entered the porn business, I actually thought and to be honest I was one of the very few that she would’ve made it all away to the top not because of her ethnic orientation, that has nothing to do with, many said that she would not have made it because she was very shy and that she was not made to be a pornstar. While it all turned out to be the opposite if you ever see her in a Live Porn Video you will absolutely understand what I’m talking about here where I am coming from.

Therefore I am inviting you to check out CherryPimps.com or its sister website that I am linking right here below as you can see. Simply because Live Pornstars having sex by a WebCam everybody to watch and enjoy is totally a different planet, it is totally a different thing nothing comes even close to it and only by watching it thoroughly understand why I am saying what I am.

What on earth is she up to now?

Well, the same old same old, just like I reported not too long ago in the month of May that she is now involved with a website that is broadcasting Live Porn on a daily basis, and actually knowing all of her shows all the ones that are seen the most, and I would like to add to that that she is one of the porn stars that has the most favorites, if we can call them fans. 56% of all members of the website that you see linked in this paragraph have placed her on their favorites and if you consider that there are over 1.9 million members, that’s a lot of fans, that’s more than she has on Facebook and twitter combined LOL.

It’s called a success, when you’re good at something like she is, when you know to handle something well like she does when you are as good-looking as her at the same time you are filthy minded like she is, then that combination of things makes you into an incredibly successful porn star and of course you’re going to have hundreds of thousands of followers every move you make.

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I have to say that her decision to add to her stack of work and things to do during the month these Live Pornstar shows has just built her fame even more, now you can actually watch her have sex while she is actually having sex and you don’t have to wait for you to come out on DVD or Blu-ray, or that it is placed on a pay site or on one of those porn tubes such as spugle.com or any of the other popular tubes that there are out there today on the Internet.

It is a global success that of the Live sex shows thing, and it’s not a trend, is not something that is going to be scoring goals after goals for a month and then you’ll just see it drop down, I don’t think that that will happen at all because this is a new way to watch porn, this is a fantastic way actually to watch porn and of course your favorite porn stars.

Going live while having sex way to go Priya!

I have a soft spot for Asian porn stars, and especially for this absolutely stunning Indian pornstar Priya Rai. It took me a while to remember her name as it is a little difficult to pronounce and to be honest I find it very unusual that an Indian woman, and I’m not talking about an Indian descent I’m talking about an Indian woman born in Bombay India is actually famous worldwide including her country for porn. You really don’t get a lot of Indian porn stars and especially you don’t get a lot of Indian porn stars that are considered one of the top 10 in the world, because that’s what she is she is among the top 10 most famous pornstars in activity today.

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So what has she got to do with Live Pornstar Sex? I’ll be honest with you, she has everything to do with it, simply because she has signed a contract with cherrypimps.com that happens to be the largest broadcasting live porn website that there is today on the Internet, this website is specialized in broadcasting live porn videos and 90% of the time those videos are off porn stars, famous and gorgeous that fuck live while being streamed on video on all of their websites.

I yet have to see her have sex live, but I am very excited because she is coming up this next week where she will be having sex with several guys for three hours nonstop, in the meantime I have watched several other Pornstars getting fucked and I have to say that the live experience is 100 times better than simply watching porn on a tube, any to such as Spugle.com, that has millions of quality porn videos but they cannot compete with something that is actually live, that is actually happening right in front of you, where it cannot be edited so the sex that you see is not fake it actually there she’s actually taking cock right in front of your eyes, now isn’t that amazing or not?

Priya Rai Fucks Herself

Priya Rai must be super horny… She’s got her huge Indian titties out and she’s sliding her panties down around her knees… And all men know exactly what this means!

She’s the mood for love – or at the very least Priya Rai wants to be fucked hard!

Priya Rai panties off fucking herself 1

Looks like this time around Priya Rai will be fucking herself! But she’s okay with that because for this Indian pornstar slut, that’s the best way for her to get off!

Priya Rai panties off fucking herself 2

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